Location mode as a trigger?

Hi folks. It’s getting colder in the Netherlands and fiddeling around with my automations.

I have this:

IF temperature is below 20 celsius AND location mode is home
turn on the virtual switch for heating

This because I have a button next to my bed with
2 clicks bedtime everything goes off
1 click getting up for work
Hold is getting up not to go to work

However, the virtual switch is not activated if I hold the button and it is below 20. Can you not use the location as a trigger?

I don’t see the button in your routine.
Is the button supposed to change the location mode? If the button is supposed to trigger the routine then it needs to be in the IF section or added as a precondition.

That is my question, the location mode changing can’t be a trigger?

I push the button, the location goes from “night” to “home” (thuis in the picture) this automation checks if it is cold. When it is, am I in “home”? and then start the heating switch.

The Location Mode does work as a trigger.

I believe the temperature condition is actually implemented more like a ‘falls below 20C’ so becomes true on the transition. Has that transition happened since you saved the Routine?

I use Location Mode as a precondition trigger for one of my automation. I believe it is called Member Location. The precondition limits the rest of the triggers from running if I am not home.

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Maybe I’m to impatient… I’ll try it some more with a other temperature settings.

Will get back to this!

You could try moving the temperature setting to a precondition.

But then the routine won’t be triggered if the temperature drops below set temp and the location is already in Home won’t it?

So my trigger should be either temperature goes below a certain point and I’m home but also when it’s already below the set temperature and when I get home. But both need to be a IF condition.

If you need both then you may need to use two routines, one per situation with the second as a precondition. This is because using multiple regular triggers usually doesn’t work. In my opinion, the best is to have one actual trigger per routing.

Routine 1. I’m home (precondiiton), temp drops below X, turn on
Routine 2. Temp is below X (precondition), I arrive home

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Apologies. I thought you were just trying to trigger by button press. Agree with Ken, try 2 routines

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I may have found out why it doesn’t run properly.
As Nest keeps switching from Fahrenheit to Celsius and back and so on, my routine doesn’t add up.
It thinks it only has to start when it goes below 19 Fahrenheit but ofcourse it is celsius. So if Nest is displaying Fahrenheit, the routine doesn’t run!

Without changing anything but Nest reporting in Celsius: