Location/Hub Name Variable for SMS Notifications?

I have a Piston in CoRE that is sending a SMS notification when smoke is detected on my smoke detectors. I am using the variable for {$currentEventDevice} to insert the name of the device that triggers the alarm.

However, I have rental property that I am setting up devices (smoke, CO, water etc) that will be sending notifications as well.

Is there a variable that will identify the “location” or “hub name” that can be used similar to the {$currentEventDevice} in the custom notification message?


Might try the webcore community. https://community.webcore.co/t/system-variables-listing/3050

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As they are two different locations you will need two different instances of webCoRE and therefore two seperate pistons… the two pistons can interact but they won’t see each others devices.

Just hard code the location name into the messages.

P.s. there is no system variable to state the location.

Thanks for the replies. I knew that could hard code the location in the message, just was trying to see if that variable existed or not.

I too would love to use a variable. So I vote for this feature.