LocalDevice List

I do not understand under which circumstances a device is listed as “Local”.

I have 2 ST motion Sensors One (V1) shows up on this list but the other (V2) does not. Neither sensor have any ST app associated with them.
I have two identical Leviton outlets. One shows up on the list, the other does not. One outlet has aST app associated with it and shows up on the local list. The other has no ST app associared with it but does not show up.

I have 6 aeotec Open/Close Sensors. All show up on the list
I have 2 Aeotec Motion Sensors. None show up.

Very confusing when it just appears to be a hit and miss.

Do they both have the same stock handler with no modifications? The rule used to be, any zigbee device with stock handler and most zwave with stock. One handler that I know of that wasn’t loaded on the hub was Fibaro. Recently, they also removed the zwave thermostat handler, but other than that…

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That was the problem. Thing is, for the outlets (there were actually 4, only 1 showed local) I never changed the DH. I accepted what ever ST assigned. The only thing I figure is that these DH got updated by ST at one point. When I edited the DH type for each outlet I noticed there were 2 with identical name. I chose the one assigned to the local outlet and all other outlets/switches now appear local.