Local UDP Commands from Hub, PLEASE!

Trying to control my 16 channel Amp and I have a working prototype in C# controlling it over UDP port 8750…

I need to send one line of code to this port, to do simple things like:

-Turn on/off a zone (1-8)
-Mute a zone (1-8)
-Change volume on a zone

And a bunch of advanced features like bass, treble, etc… But I really want to automate the sonos connect that I have hooked up to this amp, but again, I run into the fact that I can’t use simple UDP or TCP commands from the local hub.

Please ST, Please… Allow me the simple ability to do RAW sockets, or at least a simple UDP datagram or TCP data packet.

In most cases, I don’t even care about the response, although that would be nice too.


Same here: The likes of Pioneer Receiver and Sharp Aquos TV that could be integrated locally…

FYI - Ultimately replaced the whole house 12 channel Niles Amp with 6 Sonos Connect:Amps. About the same space, but way more flexibility and control. Having a couple rooms doubled up I am thinking of getting a few more and truly have one Amp to control one room.

Just too bad that the ST integration with Sonos is currently too basic to be useful. Can’t group or select sources or control the likes of iTunes to select e.g. iTunes radio channels.

Is there anyway to make an App in ST jump to another app for advanced features? Like have an advanced button for Sonos that jumps or opens the Sonos App? (Same for Nest)

In theory, yes it would be possible for linked to apps.

But the whole idea of automation is not to have to use the st app to do things.

Why recreate what already exists. Just switch to native app to do what you need and just focus on automation points.

Took me awhile to understand this, but St is not a remote control replacement but an automation platform.

We all want it to be more, and it will be, but why recreate what already exists. But I do like the idea of an app launchpad.

SmartThings do not appear to be interested in supporting UDP support for home automation… this is their response for 2 years… I have tried my best, and even purchased the dev maker kit from kickstarter. I even sent Smart Things $100s of free lighting packs with all our LimitlessLED products, but they still do not respond to my emails about a timeframe of implementing simple UDP support… UDP and TCP is the backbone of our world, yet smartthings does not support it… This is the only response I could get out of them…

“I just heard back from our firmware team, we don’t support UDP right now.” -Andrew Urman 27Aug14.