Local Siren

I need a siren that runs local that can also be used as a doorbell, can the Aeotec Doorbell 6 be run locally?

Don’t know about gen 6 but gen 5 does run locally

I have my Aeotec doorbell 6 running locally using Z-Wave siren handler. Out of the box, turning On via zwave handler will give an unpleasant loud noise that can’t be configured. The way around it is to set the sound you prefer using krlaframboise’s DTH with a line edited (if you’re interested I’ll tell you what to edit - which I did with his help and blessing) and after setting up the default sound as you want, then switch to the zwave handler.

Does the Gen 5 allow 2 settings locally for alarm sound and a doorbell sound?


With yours running locally are you still able to have separate sounds for an alarm and a doorbell?

No it’s very dumb. You turn on you get a sound. Turn off, it stops. You can choose a sound that sounds once and stops then you don’t have to automate it to turn off, or you can choose one that just carries on. But no, not both. It was fine for me as I am using it solely for security - I still get motion alerts to wake me up even if the intruder cut my phone line first. If that is important to you, it might be worth simply getting more than one so you can use the other for the other purpose.