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Local Processing in Hub V2

That’s a damn shame. Even more so since I just ordered V2, but I’m a tech hoarder.

Welcome to the world of “MVP” and “Agile Development” and “perpetual Beta”.

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I just want to do things like turn lights on and off. I can do my own automation in my own apps. I just want Restful API. I do I need to pay a “cloud tax” just to turn my lights on? (

Read the thread. It just depends on how you turn the lights on. And what device.

If you turn the lights on with the smart lights app, and use a standard device type that doesn’t require Internet access, those are included in the firmware pushed out to all customers, and they will run locally.

If you turn them on with zwave association or zigbee binding, that should run locally, but the updates to the hub will run through the cloud.

At the present time, anything else will pay a cloud tax. They’re saying some other code will eventually be eligible to run locally, but not now.

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I currently have my own Restful server that takes commands and handles my devices. Is there documentation on how to write such a program and have it run locally? Even better if there is a generic version of such an app.

I need to clarify – even if the app runs locally any access to the app requires using requests that go to the cloud. How do I directly access services on the hub without going through the cloud?

At this point. You don’t. There is no local access to the Hub. Allowing local api endpoints has been discussed but nothing concrete ever came from those discussions. Mobile app must hit the cloud to work as of now.


Just do you guys want to know. Custom device type will not run locally. I have 30 smart light instances and only 2 run locally because of device type.

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I know how to see the list of locally running apps… How do you see if a device is running locally?

I would like to know a way for local process device type as well. The only one I know working locally is “dimmer switch” device type. GE link bulb, z-wave switch, Aeon illuminator module etc… are not working. Throw a motion sensor in there and nothing is working locally.

I have GE link bulbs, GE z-wave switches and motion sensors (both zigbee and z-wave) which I tested and they all run locally.

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I am a little confused really. You go here

To check which app is running locally and the only 2 smart light apps for turning my outside lights on will only run locally are the ones with dimmer switch. Change that device to another switch and the app is gone. Are you testing by disconnecting the internet to the hub?

I checked both on the listed apps and physically by taking the ethernet cable out. In my garage I have a GE switch (on/off) with two Ecolink sensors and they worked (couple of weeks ago). I haven’t checked more recently. But the app is still showing as running locally, Same goes for my kitchen. I have several z-wave switches and GE links with zigbee motion and those worked as well. I’ll run the no ethernet test again tomorrow, just to confirm that nothing has changed (wouldn’t surprise me if it did). Maybe changing the device type screws things up. All of mine are from the initial setup I didn’t try to change the device types to see what happens…

GE z-wave on/off with Smartsense motion sensor.


Looks like you can’t just go into the installed smart light instance and switch devices or go into IDE and change device type. The local processing won’t automatically update. I have to delete and reinstall the new instance again to see the change.


Sadly Indigo will not work with ZigBee ZHA and ZLL devices so it’s not an option for me. and I have a spare mac mini just laying around… dag nabit.

True, I had 3 ST motion sensors, 2 leak sensors and six window multisensors that I couldn’t move over to Indigo. I got Fibaro motion sensors to replace the ST sensors but the others are still running on ST for now.

Indigo has been using the motion sensors along with a couple of zwave switches (that I had been using with ST) and a bunch of hues. I just added a minimote to do some manual light control for the hues. It’s been solid so far. But, if you have a lot of zigbee devices it could be expensive to swap.

Speaking of which… if anyone is interested in buying 3 used ST motion sensors (the second generation), let me know. I really like those sensors but, alas, they won’t work with Indigo.

@stevesell you can use this URL to see local devices:


I talked to the guys at Indigo and they firmly believe that adding zigbee would not be that hard. but it will need some programming and a ZHA/ZLL usb adapter.

Good news/bad news in this post I think.

Using the link to see the devices I noticed that my minimotes were running local. That led me to explore more options as to what I could do with them. I had been using the Button Controller smart app with them and that doesn’t run local.

I noticed today (maybe all along?) that I can use Button Pressed and select a minimote as a trigger in the Smart Lighting app that can run local. That’s great it allows me to do local light control from the minimote if the light/switch is local as well.

Earlier this morning I had more switches/outlets that were local devices but that number seems to have gone down and the only thing that I can use to explain it is that I set icons on devices and now they are not local anymore?

Does anyone else have a standard Z-Wave Switch device type and is it running local? If so I wouldn’t change the icon it may not run local after that.

Hopefully this is just temporary.