Local Device Types?

been searching and reading a bunch…is there anything official that shows which device types are local?

https://www.smartthings.com/compatible-products/ is great but not what i need.

specifically, i have a lot of Aeon Smart Energy Switches…would like to get them local by using something official. Unsure what to use, or I am out of luck! thanks for any clarifications in advance!

@slagle is supposed to be working on a list, but as far as I know it hasn’t been published yet.

There’s nothing that you as a customer can do to make something local. It just has to be one of the specific device type handlers that is included in the hub firmware.

I understand, thus seeking the official list :slight_smile:

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You can use this in the IDE to see what device types you have that are running locally:

Just for clarity, different customers actually have to go to different links to see which devices they have running locally on their own account.

This is because there are three different “shards”: two for North America, and one for the UK.

If you go to the wrong one, you can still sign in, but the list will look empty even if you actually do have some devices that run locally.

To keep everything up to date, all of the URLs are listed in the community created wiki:


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as FYI, I switched my Smart Energy Switch to Z-Wave Metering Switch, and it seems to run ok, and its listed local now.

Although its got the funky old design in the iOS UI, but I can live with that for local processing.

Sometimes its hard to know how well these generics will run compared to the specific device handlers people have come up with.

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I’ve looked at my local device list recently and noticed something very odd. I’ve got several Linear WD500Z-1 Z-Wave dimmers and they all appear in the LocalDevice List, as they should. Except for one. The last one I’ve added a couple of month ago is not showing up in the LocalDevice List. Curiously, it’s listed as “Z-Wave Dimmer Switch Generic” Device Type, while all the others are listed as “Dimmer Switch”.

Similarly, around the same time, I’ve installed Leviton VRPA1-1LW Z-Wave plug-in switch and it’s also not showing in the LocalDevice List and is listed as “Z-Wave Switch Generic”, whereas all my other Z-Wave switches are listed as “Z-Wave Switch” and are running locally.

@slagle, any thoughts why that might be? Thanks!

A couple of months ago they deprecated some device type handlers and moved some customers’ devices to new handlers and some oddness occurred around then…

Completely separately, in January they introduced an error into one of the default Z wave switch device handlers and then went through a cycle of a couple of corrections to that and that also introduced some weirdness. Individual customers were not notified of any of these changes, and they don’t seem to have been universally applied. Some people reported they had to go through and update each device in order to get everything in sync again.

Well… that sucks. Not just technical side of it, but also their inability to communicate with the customers. :frowning: