Live Stream in Web Browser

I am no developer, and I just wanted to see the live stream from my Arlo camera in a web browser. I can view it in SmartThings and Arlo apps without problems. Viewing live stream in Arlo web portal on my work computer worked too, until few days ago. Their portal uses flash, and it seems that Flash doesn’t play well with some new settings. (still need to try on home computer)
It was all well… until it just wouldn’t play. “: connection failed” is what I get when trying to play live stream, in any web browser and latest Flash.
So, is there another way to see the camera live stream in a web browser, that does not require Flash? Can I view it in smartthings web portal?

To the best of my knowledge … not Arlo.

Arlo and other various brands of cameras (including Wyze Cam) are “cloud access only” and, in fact, “App access only”. They do this for security reasons, but also, in many cases, to ensure they can charge monthly fees for access.

On a PC, you can try one or more of various Android Emulators (BlueStacks, etc.) so that you can run the Arlo App… on your PC.

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Thank you, that will do the trick for now!

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I am able to view min live on Chrome. I did upgrade and enable Flash in Chrome a few months ago.