Live Logging says debug for almost every entry

I have noticed that some of my devices have not been functioning properly. I decided to run live logging and almost every line item that pops up says debug in front of it. I rebooted the hub and it still shows the same thing.
Can someone give me an idea of what I would need to try next?

The “debug” prefix itself doesn’t mean anything – it is up to each developer how to classify their messages.

They might choose to write a lot of Log entries for no good reason.

  1. Copy and paste a chunk of the log here and someone may see a specific issue.

  2. Live Logging will show the list of SmartApp instances and Device Type Handler instances across the top of the screen as these generate log messages. Clicking on their names will filter the log to just that processes’s image. That goes a long way in helping to un-jumble the log and focus on one problem at a time.