List sent when arrived at a location?


I heard someone talking about this. Say you have a Lowes list. If you ever goto any lowes it will send you the list.

Not sure if I’m explaining this correct or even where to ask this. Might be a Alexa thing?

Google Kkep does this. I use it all the time for a bunch of locations. I don’t think you can set it generically fire at ant store but only for a specific location. There may be a way to do that though. Tasker could.

It’s typically an app, often Triggered by an Ibeacon in the store. Sometimes it’s an official app from that store, sometimes it’s a third-party app where you can add things to a list based on location.

Lowe’s has their own app which is pretty popular as it will show you the exact location of the items on your list in that particular store, not sure if that’s what you heard about.

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