List of all Officially Published Apps from the MORE category of Smart Setup in the Mobile App [deprecated]

Here in US, has recently been renamed as Speaker Notify with Sound. It’s listed under Music and Sound category.

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I’m in the US and I don’t see it

Never mind…they yanked it off because of recent troubles…

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Such a wacky set of baked in apps and useless organization of them.

For instance, what average user is going to use a Jenkins build notifier and why is “Something Left Open” in Energy Management. The categories are too specific, just remove them or allow apps to exist in more than one category.

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I cannot find many of these apps when accessing the SmartApps listing in Marketplace on my iPhone.

  • For instance, under Music and Sounds I see only three choices

I am specifically looking for Sonos Apps, some of which I used previously but now have disappeared.

Is this because I have not upgraded to the new Hub?

If this is the case would it be possible to help end-users know which apps require which Hub?

And if this is the case, I also recommend that this list be updated. Introduction of a new Hub and associated implications on capabilities and Apps is a rare occurrence (I assume). Updating support information accordingly seems a reasonable request.

It should also act as a possible incentive to generate more upgrades as it will more clearly delineate the benefits available with the new hub.

Thank you.

I believe the list is the same for both hubs, but can differ by region (US vs UK).

I’m not sure this particular topic is still being updated, though, that list is from V1 of the mobile app.

As for Sonos, there was a recent problems with some crashes and they pulled some apps. There are some threads on it in the forum if you search for

Any chance on a Wattvision Logger to PUSH data to wattvision via their API, for those of us with an Aeon Labs Home Energy Meter v2 (Amazon page)??


amen, this is the worst tech support site I have ever used. I spent 35 years in the tech industry.

Most Sonos SmartApps has been removed, Notify, Weather, and Mood Music are all gone. Only thing you can really do with Sonos is Play/Pause and volume control.

Glad I kept my own copy of mood music as it still works for me.

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Hi @kris,

Are you guys considering adding new popular SmartApps from the community each year to the official list? I’d love to see more added, as they really help me identify new uses for my devices. Additionally, maybe consider having some of the most active and experienced users in the community (like @JDRoberts, @brianlees) to contribute to a Top 10 list of the previous year’s SmartApps. Again, it would be great to see what people are working on!

Individual authors submit their smartapps for official ST publication, after that it’s up to SmartThings. :wink:

Wait, was I mentioned in the same sentence as @JDRoberts? Sorry, JD, I seem to have brought you down a few notches by my mere presence. :smile:

To be honest, it is so hard to keep track of what is new out there, what has been updated, and what people are working on. Without a true App Store, with proper categories, search functionality, ratings, version history, detailed descriptions, and screen shots (yes, those are very helpful as well), there is no way to keep up with all the apps out there given the number of posts around here lately. I generally just search the forums (and then search again, and again) to see what I can find. Then, when I can’t find anything, I post like everyone else and how some Good Samaritan who might know something shoots back a reply.

So, building a Top 10 list would be hard. I could only speak to what I use.


Thanks both for your responses and input!

An app store is an excellent idea, especially for those like me, who dabble in (copying and pasting) the more complicated code the experts in the community write. If this platform is going to stick with requiring serious coding (versus a GUI-type simplified app language) to have a broader appeal it could certainly use something like that.

I too search and post, and usually get helpful answers from the knowledgeable and helpful (not to mention the indomitable @JDRoberts).

One option that the Community Webmasters could try is to offer a monthly/quarterly cash or equivalent prize for the best apps and have them submitted to a panel or posted for voting. At least then there’d be a place we can look to for inspiration rather than searching specific solutions.

It’s difficult to know what community apps are available and when they were updated, etc. I spend a lot of time searching threads and I’m never quite sure what is the right version/app to be using. Even if we had a single list that authors could add to and update so you didn’t have to search through threads for links that would be great. I hate to duplicate conversations and questions and something like this would be very helpful. Maybe a Wiki?

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There is a community-created wiki and app developers are welcome to list their apps there with a link back to forum topics for discussion. The wiki is fairly new and only a few apps are listed so far, but it’s available and hopefully will grow over time. :sunglasses:

The “published” and “unpublished” terms are official SmartThings usage: published smartapps appear in the SmartThings mobile app marketplace.

I will take that to mean it’s a good idea, I just had it a bit late :smile:! Thanks for the link. I will bookmark that for future reference.

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I think I had the same problem with disarming my alarm system after it would sell off what I did was routine and put it in good morning to basically turn everything off I really like the way it works with my gear s watch I just don’t know why they did not include they step tracking software for the gear s watch

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Where can I get the source for the Logitech Harmony Trigger SmartApp?

I don’t see it on GitHub Public Repro

This thread should be deleted. I submitted a SmartApp and Device Handler for approval back in December-ish. Around April, they deleted the request, without ever starting on it, despite several queries for status. If they’re not going to maintain it, it should vanish.