Liquidtionlocks for Kwikset 910

I’m looking at ordering a lock from Kwikset 910 from has anyone ordered from them? They have a great price, but they are called “seller refriburshed” locks. Is that going to be an issue?

It looks great with a price that is almost half of where I see it any where else?

Generally “seller refurbished” means that the people who are selling them did the refurbishing rather than Kwikset or an authorized service place. However, the site does say this:

Seller Refurbished – But Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed The locks at this price are seller refurbished, which means each one has not been used but may have scratches/blemishes and be repackaged. Every lock is tested for full functionality and is guaranteed to work. What does that mean? If you aren’t completely satisfied, return your lock within 30 days for a prompt and courteous refund.

Sounds like these may have been display models. You do get a 30 days warranty so that should be enough to make sure the mechanics as well as the electronics work properly. My only concern would be that the lock is not visually screwed up. If there are big scratches or marks on it, it might be a problem with looks. Maybe ask them for an actual picture of the unit they are selling you?

FWIW, I got a used one of eBay a number of months back for a little less, but over all that’s a pretty good price. My used one has worked fantastically well for me.

@chrisb Ah, great idea Chris. Thanks

I bought 1 from Liquidation Locks and have another ordered. It looks brand new. They are quick to answer emails.

I got my lock, small little scratches on it, but it works well, and they were VERY quick to reply to emails with support. I would buy from them again, it was easy to install very helpful.

Got mine last saturday, 2 days free shipping from their ebay store. Very small scratch on the lock, barely noticeable. Very happy for the price.

We bought a pack of these from our contractor, and an extra. If any of you are interested in a 910 in venetian bronze, pm me before it goes on eBay (we got very good pricing on them).