LinQ Smart Vents

I recently went to a Home show where people show off what their business has to offer. Not much interesting unless you want rain gutter covers or new patio. But one thing I did see was a new company created vents that would talk to a few different WiFi enabled thermostats. Each vent will automatically open or close depending on the rooms temperature and turn on the Furnace or AC so the rooms that need it will be heated or cooled. Not just all the rooms in one H-Vac zone. Linqhome is the company. I liked the idea cause many times I have a room at 72 and a room down the hall at 67 and another that is in the sun at 76. So if only the rooms I want and the temperatures I want are set.

I talked with their CFO Jason Griggs for a good 30 min. They are starting up a Beta program in the next year as well.

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Sounds pretty cool. It would be nice to be able to have room by room control like that.

I’m interested in that. We have a West facing room addition and it is much warmer than the rest of the house.

This seems like a really smart idea. I have a two story, one zone house. Divert the resources upstairs of downstairs depending on where we actually are.