Linking Two Z-Wave Dimmers?

I have two light fixtures with a dimmer each on separate circuits. I once read that I could link two z-wave dimmers to mimic each other so that no matter what one does the other does in real-time.

The reason is that in this room the two lights are on opposite sides of the room. To turn on all the lights I have to turn on one, then walk to the other end of the room and turn on the other one. So I thought I could simply link (group/gang) the two dimmers together so that they work in unison.

I’ve read about double-tapping, creating hardware scenes, and such - even using ST to create a Routine (Scene) that does this. Any input on this problem? I"m sure there is an easy way but I would rather do this between the two dimmers if at all possible so that the dimming control is real-time.


Oh, a footnote: I bought two GE Smart Dimmers (1272A) thinking that this “linking” was inherent to z-wave. I have a technician coming Wednesday to run my neutral wires (because I hate the attic).

I went the easy way and created a Webcore piston that triggers off a change to my great room lights to automate the same change to a table lamp with a Cree bulb. Turning the main lights on, off, or changing the level is matched in the lamp. There is a slight delay, .1 to about 1.5 seconds, but mostly it’s very quick.

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There’s a SmartApp called Dim with Me that allows you to tell one light to follow another. Easy to use, but requires setup via IDE.

I use it to make the second light in a dumb ceiling fan follow the other light.

Depending on your specific Z-Wave device and the handler you are using you have another option that would eliminate the ST as a middleman after the initial setup. This is done via Association Command Class and specific device ID’s. If you add a device’s node ID into another (appropriate) device’s association group it will send RF command directly that device. Manufacturers usually define multiple association groups for specifc actions like on/off, level control and etc…

Dim with me sounds great. Where can I find it?

Some options:

Trendsetter SmartApp (I haven’t used this, but looks very interesting and is being updated/maintained - Dim With Me is a couple years old and really doesn’t have a current owner/maintainer)

Current repo for Trendsetter (i.e., where you get the code to install - the repo location has changed and the first post in the thread can’t be updated:

Dim With Me SmartApp (I use this, haven’t run into any problems)

General info on using IDE and custom code:

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You can find many different lighting smartapps by looking on the quick browse list in the community – created wiki, look in the smartapps section, and then look on the lighting list. :sunglasses:

In most cases community members create these for themselves and then share them with the community, so they all have slightly different features. I think trendsetter is probably the most popular right now, but there are lots of good ones. :sunglasses::level_slider::bulb: