Linking two locks?

I live in the UK and here in the UK the most common approach for a house front door is to have two different and separate locks.

One is known as a ‘night latch’ like this one

The other is known as a mortice deadlock like this one

The above mortice deadlock is superficially similar to an American style deadbolt but is not identical, one more obvious difference is that the bolt on a mortice deadlock is a rectangle while the bolt on an American deadbolt is more oval.

While there is a Z-Wave compatible night latch from Yale it was more difficult to find a smart i.e. Z-Wave compatible mortice deadbolt. I eventually found this one

Note: Since American deadbolts are defacto predominantly used in American - duh! - they are not available either in European Z-Wave compatible versions. This also necessitated looking for an alternative and as the Danalock is made in Europe it is of course compatible with European Z-wave frequencies.

The DanaLock is a slightly different form of mortice deadbolt lock in that it uses a euro profile lock mechanism but otherwise is similar to a standard mortice deadbolt including still having a rectangle shaped bolt and rebate. It is therefore an easy process to swap out the original mortice deadbolt. In fact even here in the UK euro profile mortice deadbolt locks are widely used although more typically for patio doors and commercial property doors.

So I now have a Z-Wave compatible night latch, and a Z-Wave compatible mortice deadbolt. I have been able to add both to my Smartthings hub, and the Smartthings app is able to operate both individually. What I would now like to do is get them linked so that when I unlock the night latch it automatically unlocks the mortice deadbolt i.e. the Danalock. I should add that I would be unlocking the night latch via its keypad or RFID tag and want this to be the trigger to unlock the Danalock.

I could probably do this via IFTTT but is there a way to do this in Smartthings?

It should be noted that the next step would be to also include the disarming of the alarm system so that when the Yale night latch is unlocked the alarm is disarmed and the Danalock is also unlocked. This sounds a bit too complex for IFTTT.

A final step would be to link the locking of the Danalock to arming the alarm system. (In this case it would not be necessary to include the Yale night latch as it automatically locks itself.)

As long as both are recognized by smartthings as Z wave locks, and as long as the lock reports its status to SmartThings when it is changed manually or with the RFID Tag ( most locks do) , the simplest way to do this will be core. (This is a clickable link.)

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Thanks CoRE does look like what I was looking for. As an aside it seems that the Fibaro Home Center has something like this built-in, perhaps Samsung/Smartthings should consider ‘buying’ CoRE and officially integrating it.

I had a quick look already at setting up CoRE but I am currently stuck in that Github integration seems only available for the US and as I am as mentioned in my original post based in the UK this means the integration option is not showing. :cry:

It’s easy to miss, but the very first post in the core author topic will tell you how to get the code if you do not have GitHub integration. There are a number of UK members using it. :sunglasses:

The SmartApp can be installed via GitHub integration into your IDE or can be found here

That word “here” will be a clickable link in the actual topic.

I’m not going to put the actual link in this topic because it does change occasionally, but you should be able to find it now that you know what you’re looking for.

If you haven’t used custom code in SmartThings before, here is the FAQ that will explain the general process when you use the cut-and-paste method.

Set up for CORE is quite complex, which appears to be the reason that SmartThings hasn’t produced anything similar officially, but you will be able to get help in the peer assistance thread.

So start with the following topic (this is a clickable link), and it will have a link to the current author’s thread where you can get the code and the peer assistance thread.