Linking Presence Sensors to one person? + other question(s)

I can’t seem to find this (on the forums, or the ability to do such a thing in ST).

I want to link more than one presence sensor (whether mobile or ST sensor) to a single person.

Let’s say I have presence on my iPhone, I have an ST sensor on my keychain, have on in my car, etc. Wouldn’t it be smart to be able to link (or is there any current way) all these sensors to “My name”??

One of the main reasons I want to do this is to prevent double actions from taking place (like the other day I came home and my keychain sensor, I guess, opened my garage door and it was closed and I went inside and a few minutes later my iPhone somehow was delayed and “deteced me coming home” (even though I’m alreayd home…) and started to open my garage door again and I had to close it. Now I’m lucky I caught/saw this – I wouldn’t want this to happen and not notice! (so for the time being I have changed the garage to only use one sensor per person).

That brings me to my second, somewhat related, question; how can I speed up the detection of ST presence sensors? I have to sit in my driveway before the garage opens sometimes; is this a built in mechanism to prevent mis-fires? Or is this maybe becuae my hub is too far? (if so I can just point an older “repater” smart sensr motion detector at the driveway to increase detection time?).
Is there any way to speed up the detection of a ST presence sensor? (I have it set – at least for my garage – that I must be “away” for at least 10 minutes before the garge door opener will work, as to prevent any misfires that may happen due to my sensor being lost and then detected (happens sometimes, but usually is quickly picked back up), and opening the garge by mistake.

Ideally, linking sensors (and then having the option to require specific sensors for an individual to ALL be present, for security, before doing certain actions, like REQUIRE my PHONE and ST KEY sensor to be present before opening the garage would be great).

Any advice on speeding up the detection of presence sensors would be great (and I think adding a repeater pointed at the driveway would help regardless as it may pick up the signal from further away, but a setting change somewhere maybe that would speed this up)?

Another nice idea/integration would be using iBeacons (would help with so many things, such as turning on lights when you enter a certain area, speeding up the detection of phone presence if you had a beacon close by, etc. etc. the possibilities are endless) and this doesn’t require the HUB to have BLE…just the phone/app to use it…


If I recall, I think the ST key fobs ping every 30 seconds. I don’t think it is editable.

I don’t have the delay issue. By the time I back into the driveway ST has the door open and the lights on but then I do have a repeater in the garage.

Sorry for the late response/bump; Daven, do you use the ST key FOB Presence Sensors or do you use a phone as a presence sensor? Problem with using a phone to open my garage is that the area is too wide (and I can’t seem to make it smaller) and I live near a main road in which I drive by my “area” (that ST has in the circular range of my house) sometimes when I’m going somewhere but not going home, and there is a light on the main road right where my detection zone is so if I get stuck at that light it usually 100% detects that “I’m home” (or even sometimes even when I’m just driving by) and opens the garage.
For that reason I want to 100% use the ZigBee presence sensors, for the garage, and those seem to have some sort of delay for me (I can drive by my house and see that my lights have been turned on - they turn on using my phone - but then I have to wait a little bit before my garage door opens (which is set to use my ST Key Fob). I’m going to try just plugging in an original ST motion sensor (or find a cheap ZigBee extender if I can, preferably) in my garage and see if that helps.

The other issue I noticed when I had it set so that EITHER my phone OR my key Fob coming home would open my garage was that sometimes (again, very rare) it doesn’t register that I’m home immediately with my phone and my FOB does so the garage opens and I enter and it closes, then a minute or two later it says that I have returned home (when it detects my phone) and then opens the garage again, which was annoying. I guess I could somehow use the hello home feature to solve this but that just makes things complicated…

If there was a way to link multiple devices (presence) to a single person it would solve a lot of problems (not just this particular one; but everybody has multiple devices and I’m sure they would love to have each of their particular devices linked to one “person” instead of each presence linked separately).

Also, I noticed that if I have my garage auto open with ST, but then use the garage door button to close the garage when walking inside many times I would get a message saying my garage has been open for more than 5 minutes (an alert I have) because I guess the status of the garage door doesn’t update quick enough when not directly using ST to open/close the door. If I use the option to close the door automatically using a door open/close sensor it would work perfectly – but then there are people in the household who forget about this and hit the actual garage door close button and then close the door and the sensor would send another signal which would open the garage after they just closed it. I’m trying to find a nice single button ZigBee/Z-Wave that can directly talk to the ST HUB so I can put it up to use as a button to close the garage so the ST status would update to closing/closed without delay but of course such a button doesn’t seem to exist.

I used to use a fob and after testing the cell phone proximity (on its smallest circle) I changed over. It has been working just fine but I don’t have the liability of a light at the end of my street to allow the system to think I’m home whilst passing by. I do wish the proximity circle was smaller but maybe that’s a function of the cell granularity itself?