LinKind Water Leak Detector

Hi all,

Recently picked up a LinKind water leak detector, bargain at only £10ish.

Smartthings registers the device as “Thing” yet I can’t find a device handler that works.

Has anyone tried using these devices with any success?


I have the same Linkind water sensors and have the same experience, they only connect as ‘thing’.

I would love to get these working with SmartThings as they are inexpensive water sensors at $10 each on Amazon, and have replaceable batteries, and seem well-built.

I finally found a DH for the sensor on the Hubitat forums which seems to work flawlessly:

Awesome thank you Matt!

@Mattide @Matt_Ozzy

Keep in mind that this is a Groovy DTH. The Groovy platform is set to be shut down on Sept. 30.

You need to find a compatible EDGE Driver.

Post the “Raw Description” from the IDE and many be someone like @Mariano_Colmenarejo can add it to their driver.

Would people use it if I converted the driver to Edge? I hadn’t yet mainly because I’m still in the “edge is not quite ready for primetime” camp.

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I certainly would!

Unfortunately with the change to edge drivers getting closer and closer, alternative options aren’t really there!

Thankyou for your time and effort in developing the DH. I appreciate developing an edge driver for few people is more time and effort on your end however.

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Just bought one of these. It seems to function just fine on the stock zigbee-water-leak-sensor driver once the fingerprint is added.

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Cool, glad to know it at least works. Does the stock driver report both battery % and battery voltage? The device supports both natively and my driver supported both as I like to show battery voltage where its being reported from the device.

The stock driver does battery % but not voltage. Adding it doesn’t take much though - this will do both.

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Excellent! Any idea what the stock driver sets the battery % and voltage reporting frequency to? I hard coded mine to 5 minute min, 60 minute max, .1V / 1% delta. I had wanted to make those adjustable parameters (at least max/delta) but never got around to it.


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The stock for battery % is 30s min, 6 hour max, 1% delta. I used the same (but .1V delta) for voltage in the driver at that link.

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Is this eventually going to be published to a channel or merged into an existing one?

Yes - @csstup is working on some refinements to help with battery life. I think he’s planning to publish once he’s finished testing.

@d3fung, It’s still being tested. So far it’s looking good.

For any ZigBee sensor (this is one) that provides both battery voltage AND battery percentage, I like to add voltage as it’s own tile, and store the percentage directly. The hope is the device has a “more accurate” percentage calculation than the translations in the framework. Who knows if that’s true but I like to see what the device reports native where possible.

For beta I’ll publish a channel. Long term I may try to fold it into one of the other “super” drivers (like @Mariano_Colmenarejo publishes) to help with the 50 driver limit.

Edge driver has been released. See more information here: [ST EDGE] Linkind Leak Sensor (model A001082)

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Hi Corey,

Working great - many thanks for your work on this!

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Glad to hear! Keep me apprised on battery life if you see any concerns. The radio usage is about on par with how the DTH was setup.

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Just stumbled on this thread. This works perfectly for me! Thank you