LINKIND door switches

Hi guys,
I am very new to SmartThings, so on a steep learning curve. Before I started with a few wifi devices, but soon realised that was not the way to go. I have purchased SmartThings and a multisensor. These are set up without any issues.

I purchased some LINKIND zigbee door / window sensors, this is where I am not sure what to do next. They are not detected by SmartThings (Echo Plus finds them straight away). I was hoping there are ways to add devices like this another way. I would like to get Zigbee or Z Wave dimmer modules for all the lighting in the house. I have WIFI ones at the moment and they work very well (best way to get around the no neutral wire problem in UK)

Any help would be great.

Have a read through this post as it helps explain custom code and how to install device handlers :slight_smile: FAQ: An Overview of Using Custom Code in SmartThings (SmartThings Classic)

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If echo plus finds them, they should work with smartthings, at least with the newer model hubs. However, they cannot directly work with both at once. The zigbee profiles that smartthings user are limited to one coordinator per network. That can be either a smartthings hub or an echo plus device, but not both. So if you already added them to echo plus, they will not be available to join to your smartthings network.

If you reset them, and you add them to smartthings, they should add fine. And then you would be able to use them with echo indirectly through the smartthings/echo integration.

But if you add them to echo first, you can’t add them to smartthings.

In my experience, they work with the standard “Smartsense Multi sensor” Device type, which even allows them to run locally, no temperature reporting though. ST should find them as a “Thing” and then the device type must be changed and refreshed.

As a side note, the Linkind keypad works, but just with the Rboy’s handler, not the other Centralite/Xfinity/etc handlers.

I’ve had no luck so far with the Linkind Motion sensors, but I haven’t put much time in it so far.