Linker ZHA Remote Device Driver?

Got one of these remotes from Amazon - it was only £20

It got recognised as a device - which is good - and I changed the type in the IDE to Zigbee button - and it passed over the battery % - so thats good. Trouble is, it doesn’t recognise the buttons and no events in the IDE for the button press, so I guess it needs a modified DTH.

It may be OEM’s from somewhere else - any clues on this one ?


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previous integrations of zigbee buttons, showed the event in the hub log (hub action?) of IDE. Are you sure there’s nothing? See IDE/ MyHubs/ YOURHUB/ ListEvents . Not LiveLog.

Getting actually battery%? That is promising.

Previous semi-successful integration thread: New Zigbee Device (Securifi Key Fob)

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