Linked apps sync problem

I have a couple of devices that I´m using from ST via linked apps which are Sensibo for my AC and Tuya for a few cheap power sockets. I can link the accounts successfully and control my devices without a problem from ST, but if I control the device from it´s native app (or for example switch power socket physically on/off) ST doesn´t sync with the current state of the device.
Is there any fix or workaround for this?

This seems to be the case also with Nanoleaf and Wiz (and probably with all the linked apps?).
Is this just the way ST works and is there any way I can update current state of devices to ST if they are operated elsewhere?

It is up to the individual device manufacturer how they handle reporting changes to the device state that occur outside of the smartthings platform. Some report manual changes at the wall, some don’t.

Since each device manufacturer owns and maintains its own integration, you’ll need to report the issue to them and let them know that that is a feature you would like to see.

In the case of Tuya, it can even depend on which third-party company has rebranded a particular model, so if the plugs are being sold under a brand name like Moes or yagusmart you’ll need to talk to that company.

I believe tuya’s intent with third-party integrations is to solve the issue in the future with Matter, so they may not have much interest in doing anything with the existing smartthings – specific integration. :thinking:

You could try Google Home routines to sync.

An example (starter) if Tuya light turns on then (action) turn on corresponding ST light.

This might cause a looping problem but you could give it a try.

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