Link Hub (GE Starter Kit)

Not sure if this is the right place to ask this question but I own the GE Wink Hub (the small starter one) and it is not allowing me to add a 5th GE Bulb to it. Is there a limit to how many bulbs it will allow to add?

Do you mean you’re using just a wink hub and the wink mobile app? Do you own a SmartThings hub?

There are probably people on this forum that use Wink and might be able to help. But if your question is about Wink specifically, and not SmartThings (or integrating wink with smartthings), you might want to try asking your question directly to Wink support. I’m not sure they have a community forum like this one. One reason to consider ditching Wink and using Smartthings :slight_smile:

Edit: Are you talking about this hub? The small one that only works with GE link bulbs? As opposed to the regular wink hub that can control other kinds of connected devices? The product support page says you can link up to 128 Ge link bulbs to it.

I was referring to the Link Hub itself. It attempts to add the 5th light but times out. I did call support and I am considering using the smart things hub.

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Like I mentioned, the support page for the Link hub says it can support up to 128 bulbs, so it seems the issue is not merely that you’re trying to add a 5th bulb. I have a few GE link bulbs and paired them directly with my smartthings hub, never used the regular wink hub or the smaller GE link hub.

Smartthings can do a whole lot more than the GE link hub can do. But that also opens up more room for errors and unexpected behaviors like the one you’re already experiencing with your Link hub (or worse). But if you’re interested in controlling and automating things in your home other than light bulbs, give ST a try.

Just to help with future research… The device you have is called the Link hub, not the Wink hub. They will both show up in the wink phone app.

you can find information on the wink site. And their support is always very helpful. I would get in touch with them.

Meanwhile check the new bulb to make sure it is exactly the same model. GE recently put out a new line of “daylight” bulbs which are much brighter than the old bulbs. The box looks almost the same it just has the word daylight on it. I believe those bulbs will not pair with the link hub, but wink support would know.

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Wink Link timing out could be wink cloud being down ( not unusual ) , or it could be the bulb you are trying to add is not in inclusion mode. Have you tried resetting the bulb ? Power cycle 3-5 second off /on for 3-300 times until it fades in and out showing it is in inclusion mode , then try adding it to the link hub again.

Good luck, I have 3 or 4 of those link hubs lying in a box somewhere and I was never once able to get even 1 bulb to pair. I did actually get 1 of the links added to my wink account in the app , but that was as far as I got. I was hoping ( at the time) to use them as ZB repeaters to boost up my mesh. I think I got them for around $16-$18 for 2 bulbs and the link hub kit so grabbed a bunch of them.