Lingan Zigbee LED Bulb?

Hi, Does anyone try this bulb before with ST?

These appear to not be ZigBee but instead WiFi. I think the ZigBee reference is in error. It is possible these could still be integrated if they have an open API but I have not heard of them before. @JDRoberts

I originally thought they were Wi-Fi as well. This company used to only make Wi-Fi devices, and the fact that it says it pairs directly to your phone means it has to be either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth as phones don’t have a zigbee radio.

It’s pretty common on AliBaba that the product descriptions are incorrect, as they often just copy phrases or paragraphs from other similar products rather than doing their own full English translations.

And the fact that the product description doesn’t say anything about a hub being required would imply WiFi (or Bluetooth).

That said, it turns out that Lingan has recently added a line of zigbee devices that look just like their Wi-Fi devices, but they do require a hub.

So I don’t know whether this particular bulb is the Wi-Fi version misidentified as zigbee, or the zigbee version using parts of the product description from the Wi-Fi version and forgetting to mention that a hub is required.

In either case, I haven’t heard of anyone using them with SmartThings yet.