Linear WD500Z Dimmers stopped working

I have 2 Linear WD500Z switches and they stopped responding to ST. I removed one of them and did a zwave reset on ST. It seems I need to reset the devices, but I need a controller, which I don’t have. Any suggestions?

You should be able to exclude and reset the device with ST. Go to the hub menu (three bars lower right). Select the hub, select Z-wave utilities, select General Device Exclusion. Tap the switch while in exclude mode. It should reset when it is excluded from the network.

Thanks for the reply. I already followed the steps you outlined, and the devices were removed and are no longer in ST. When I “add a thing” and double tap the dimmer, neither of the two Dimmers is recognized!

I rebooedt the hub, still do not get recognized.


Well I’m not sure what is going on but I did find a manual for the WD500z and it says to single tap for inclusion.

Give single tap a shot. If that does not work try relocating the hub closer and or a z-wave repair on the hub, Then try to add them. The fact that they stopped responding may be an indication that you have a radio interference or too long of a range. Have you recently moved/removed any other z-wave devices? The radio signal is passed from one device to another so removing one could break the link for another to the hub (if it is a long ways away).

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A few months ago I moved the hub but they worked for several weeks before they stopped responding. I had read the manual and also noticed the single click, but it had not worked. I will move the Hub to a location very close to one of the dimmers and give it another shot.

Will keep you posted on my findings tonight when I get home.

Thanks for all your help.


I moved the Hub and finally was able to pair the dimmer closest to the Hub! Then had no problem pairing the second one.


If you wish to move your hub further away again, just add a outlet or other wired device between the hub and the dimmer. It will pass the signal along.