Linear WD500Z 3 way installation

(S H) #1

I am finally moving from X10 to Z wave and trying to do this as painless and cost effective as possible.

i have bought some Linear WD500Z dimmer switches.

In one room is a 4 way switch operation for the 4 recessed cans. It is currently attached to a Leviton X10 master switch and 2 Smarthome Switchlinc slaves (2382I).

The x10 master is connected to line, load, ground, neutral, and traveller
The switchlinc slaves are connected to Neutral, ground, traveller, and a black line (not sure if line or load, but i suspect it’s load).

Since the WD500Z does not have a traveller wire, how would i hook this up, or should I buy a different switch dimmer with a traveller line (like GE maybe)?

Also, with the Wd500z, do i HAVE to use the WT00z as the slave auxiliary switch or can another brand work>

Any chance the existing switchlinc slave switch will work? (even though it is a slave to an x10 switch, i don’t believe it is using any x10 technology in doing the slave job…ie it itself doesn’t have an x10 address nor is it programmed to the x10 master by address in any way. It is simply a dumb slave switch using the traveller to control the master switch)

I know the WT00z can provide slave function without a traveller, but does a WT00z have a travelling wire? I don’t want to use a master slave setup only through RF, I want it hard wired. The reason is if it gets de-programmed in any way or if i move and take the hub away I don’t want there to be any issues with the light switches (or be forced to uninstall and replace the dimmers.

btw I am not sure the if the master is closer to the breaker than the slaves.