Linear WD500Z-1 HELP!

Sound like you need to go into exclusive mode and remove it and re add it. I have had this before and that was the solution. Fixed it first time.

Try having the smartthings hub close to the switch. Before installing the switch I hook power to it and get it into ST first just so I don’t have to drag the hub around. It’s a pain cause of the Ethernet only hub.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I got the darn thing to work! It was a combination of user error & bad instructions. Instructions say to include it into the network, tap only once. However, it required double tapping the switch. Just to be sure, I grabbed a 50ft ethernet and set up the hub directly next to the switch, then set hub to exclusion mode in the app, tapped the switch, nothing. Double tapped, instantly comes up device removed. Went to Add Device, double tapped the switch, added right in. I feel stupid for not trying to double tap it the other day, but it clearly states press it once. sigh C’est la vie. At least if any other person has the same issue and strictly adheres to the instructions, they’ll have a thread to find the (painfully obvious yet somehow alluded me) solution. haha

Wow I had set mine up with at least 35 ft between the hub and the linear and no problems. Yeah you need to tap once , I tapped off and on and then it worked when added as an Evolve it said it detected a dimmer … These are the easiest switches to add , operate and use and no buzz with the switch

Does your switch indicator led work? Can’t seem to get it working. Also I don’t see a device type for evolve dimmer. They merged with z-wave dimmer?

The switch led has been broken for at least a month or two. I installed four of these in one location in March — LED worked as expected. Installed four at another location in October and the LED status does not match up with the device.

Yes it does work just fine the led that is. There is a evolve dimmer switch device when adding the same in smart things. It says a device is detected but not the one I was looking for. Cancel the discovery and it’s there in thinks as a dimmer switch

When did you add your switch? maybe you have the old code. I can only see dimmer switch in my smartthings ide drop menu and like codytruscott. It’s not working. Anyone else recently added one and get the indicator light working?

I’m currently mucking about in the IDE

Here’s how the indicator light situation is playing out for me:
Button Reality
When on = When off
When off = When on
Never = When on

I just checked the LED indication section of the Linear Dimmer manual that I installed last month and it doesn’t seem to provide for a never lit option any longer. And I can confirm that the on/off values being sent by the device profile are backwards vs the manual.

&Memories are faulty — perhaps the switches I installed elsewhere in March never did set the light to never?

@sandeshr76 — do you still have your manual? can you check what it gives for possible values of ‘Parameter 3’

Actually I never mucked with the indicator and it was just working. It’s on when the light itself is off so one can spot it in the dark and it’s off when the light itself is on. I do not remember the parameters off the bat I will post the values when I am home. I just added the switches around a week ago

@codytruscott I’m seeing the same indicator behavior as you. The when on = when off seems to work for me so I’m not that bothered by it.

Yeah, my LED indicator operates the same as yours, broken. LoL but same as most, I have it on when off so it’s no big deal if the app reads wrong.

That is what I see as the behavior Parameter 1 = Parameter 3 in the Linear configuration quick guide which came with the switch


These really do work! If you wire them correctly (and with a caveat)…

I spent all day trying to figure out why they weren’t working. I assumed one was DOA, so I wired another… No joy. Rather than trying to prove Einstein’s definition of insanity I swapped what appeared to be the load and the hot wires and find that the first switch I wired was atypical. Swap the hot and load and ‘Voila!’ success!

They immediately paired and worked with the ST hub.

Now, does ST recognize state? When I turn them on with ST, then turn them off from the wall, ST still shows them as “On” when the definitely are not. Any thoughts?


If you swap them the switch does not work at all , at least that is what I found with the Linear’s I had. Then had to swap aka do the right thing. For the light indicator this is how this switch is wired , it does not bother me but it does not have the support to keep all three parameters working like the other Zwave switches. I have mine on a schedule so it works great for me. I have rules where I use the motion sensors to dim the recessed lights every 10% or so when there is no motion detected

I have one of these I am trying to install but I only have three wires white, black, and ground. How do I wire this in without a blue wire to the load. I know this is not on its own circuit. The idea of re wiring does not thrill me,


What are you trying to control without a load? Smart bulbs?

Recently, I bought a bunch of WD500Z-1, everyone works well, but one switch’s led light is OFF when the switch is OFF, but turn on when I turn on the switch…

Weird… not sure what to do with it. Anyone knows why? and How to resolve it?

You can try changing it in preference. @codytruscott mentioned a couple poste above the led and preference settings don’t match.

I have one of these switches that will not pair with the hub. Folks mention double tapping in exclusion mode, but my question is double tapping which rocker; the up one or the down one? I’ve tried both and I can not get the switch to reset.