Linear WD500Z-1 Amazon $26.29

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Hrm, tempted. Quite a bit cheaper than the GE ones I have been buying. Not as good reviews though.

I almost bought one and then read how difficult they are to put side by side with another switch which is where I am planning on putting my new switch. So I passed…

I have a few. One is in a 3 gang box with 2 GE’s. no problem unless you skip the instructions that tell you to remove the metal tabs on the side when placing next to another switch, I have noticed some flickering with cheap dimmable LED’s.

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I bought two because they’re significantly cheaper than the GE Link switches. One never worked at all, and the other works for about 30 minutes and then begins flickering the lights it controls. This lasts for about an hour and then the lights just go out completely. After a couple hours of being off the cycle repeats. I would guess it’s some sort of internal heat issue.

I’m going back to GE.

I have a few of these installed and (knock wood) haven’t had any issues. None of them are installed three way, just single switches, one even in a 3 gang box. I have them on both led and incandescent bulbs.