Linear PD300Z - can you get it to not dim in a Hello Home mode that's set to dim other lights?

I have a Linear PD300Z-2 arriving tomorrow. I want to connect it to a tree with LED lights…so no dimming. But, I need to add it to my I’m Back command that has other lights on it that are set to dim to 60% when I return. Is it possible to change the way the PD300Z works so that it is only an on/off and not a dim? Can I change the device type to do this? This is temporary for the holidays. After the holidays, I’ll want to revert it back to dimming capabilities.

For the ST guys reading this - PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE add individual dimming controls to the Hello Home commands. I have several lights I control when I get home and I want them to come on at different levels, not all at the same level since one switch controls 4 lights and another controls 2 lights. I really feel this is one of the major basic oversights in ST.

This doesn’t dirrectly answer your question, but it is a caution.

If the lights don’t support dimming, you’ll toast the strand if you use the PD300Z-2. It dims up & down when turned on/off. I lost a bulb this way when I got lazy and didn’t swap out for dimmable ones.

Yep, that is exactly why I need to flip the module over to on/off only. Hopefully someone knows how I can do this.

Just get an ‘appliance’ module.

I got the dimmer module so I could use it after the holidays with some other lights. So, this is a temporary repurpose.