Linear GoControl with Craftsman 54985

Has anyone had any success opening a Craftsman 54985 with the Linear GoControl opener?

I’ve paired the controller to my hub and wired it into the red/white terminals where the opener goes. When I try to open/close the door with SmartThings, it tells me the door is opening/closing, but does not move the door.

There are up/down arrows on the unit that blink once for the up arrow, followed by 3 blinks for the down arrow that are supposed to indicate wall-mounted control issues. I’ve read other reports of problems with the “smart” wall-mounted openers and their incompatibility with the GoControl controller, but even when it’s just the GoControl connected, I can’t open or close the door.

Got a response from Nortek Support - sounds like it’s a compatibility issue.

I will test resistance on the controller when I get home tonight, but not sounding good.

Finally got time to get back to working on it - good news and bad news.

Bad news is that the GoControl and Craftsman 54985 are NOT compatible. Good news is that I found a way around it.

I took an opener that I had in my car and played around with it until I found where the GoControl needed to hook in to activate it. Here are some pics:

Hopefully this helps someone out in the future, I was so frustrated that I couldn’t find anything online about it.

Great hack than many have found as a workable solution for their incompatibilities. Thanks for sharing your project!