Linear GDZ-004

I hooked my GDZ-004 to my ADT PULSE system… I have been fiddling with it to try to get it to work…I am now locked out and cant get it to function through the app at all. I have reset the device, removed it from the website and the app and reinstalled several times but no luck… I had it semi functional but the door open and door closed was not registering all the time and locking me out… I replaced the battery in the tilt sensor but no luck…Any help i would appreciate it! Sorry im new and probably posted in the wrong section

This forum is specifically for users of the SmartThings system. You would probably get the best results by asking for help from ADT, as the two systems are quite different even though the garage door opener can work with both.

If you are asking if you can use a linear/go control GD00Z4 from both the SmartThings mobile app and the ADT pulse mobile app, The answer is no–the device can belong to either a SmartThings network or an ADT pulse network, but not both at the same time.

Gocontrol also has a telephone support line, but I don’t know their exact hours.

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