Linear GD00Z (Garage Controller) and Wall Switch (with Motion Detector)

Around November of last year, I did a warranty replacement on my 4-month old GoControl unit that died due to a complex wall switch. I received a Linear branded unit in return. It was then rewired to use a wireless remote opener

A few days ago I discovered that i could no longer control the door. It would flash and beep at full volume, however no motion. Testing with a multimeter, no change.

I’m starting to conclude that the relay used in the model is a subpar quality. It will break easily eventually, but using a special wall button speeds it up.

Hey all…I have a Chamberlain/Lift Master GDO that has the fancy wall button that multiplexes the signal, like most on here. I see two solutions. One - Wire a relay, power supply to the Linear controller and the Wall Switch. Two - Same thing except wire to a remote control.

Question: If I choose option two, do I even need the relay?

Another question too…how long does the relay stay closed once the linear device tells it to close? The reason I ask is that my liftmaster remote takes a longer press than just a quick click to get it to close the two contacts.

Guys, I need your help. So I’ve soldered leads to my physical remote like everyone else. The opener activates when triggered and the garage opens. However, the issue that I’m having is that whenever the remote is activated, it never disconnects. Therefore, I can’t ever close the door. What am I doing wrong here???

This works for me. Thank you for posting.

Hey Jason,

Reply from me is way late… but did you try the step down converter? 3v with 3A is the max output from that buck converter. The circuit should only use what it requires. So if your remote is 225ma, thats all it will take. Did you attempt it and if so, what happened? You could also try putting a 13 ohm resister on the output of the 3v as per ohms law, that would limit the current to 225ma with hopefully minimal voltage drop.

That looks great! I have Liftmaster 3850, it appears I will need something like this to use GoControl?

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