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Linear GD00Z-4 Z-Wave - Stays as "Unknown"

(Karl) #41

This is the item I picked up off eBay. It looks identical to the original… but I have been unable to pair it so I assume it won’t work.

(Amauri Viguera) #42

Got scared for a while after a couple of rounds of “Unknown” status, but I opened / closed the door manually and it refreshed in ST, so yay.

The sensor itself on the board says 345 WW 187 4354 01. Underneath it says SW 234899 V1.0

The cover (that mounts to the garage) says 235725-01 and what appears to be a serial number.


I’ve tried to pair my tilt sensor to the controller by trying the suggestions on this thread, but no luck… Can someone confirm if the tilt sensor is required in order to get the controller to work? Has anyone been able to open or close the door by clicking on the commands in the ST mobile app WITH the tilt sensor not paired?


My 9 months old Linear GD00Z stopped working. Replaced the battery in the tilt sensor & now it works, the app said the battery was “good”.

The still working boss loves this gadget. When she opens the garage entry door in a certain time frame, the garage door opens, the garage lights up like a surgery room & the front lights turn on. At least I got that going for me. :grin:


This thread is a lifesaver. I just ordered the opener from Amazon, and it arrived with the tilt sensor not connecting to the main unit. I thought I had a dud, and the instructions that come with it only mention pairing to a Z wave controller, but didn’t say how to pair the tilt sensor. Thank you for saving me the hassle of exchanging it (and then probably have the same problem)!

(James Yeo) #46

Just to add a little noise to the conversation… I picked up one of these. Got a used one sold as new, of course. The tilt sensor was also broken … just the tab that holds the battery in, so I could work around that.

I spent a couple of days working through the instructions to go through all the steps over and over only to have it work, not work, work, etc.

Turns out my tilt sensor killed the battery 3 times in 2 days. The first 2 times I changed the battery out of desperation… couldn’t tell if it did anything or not in my sequence of random crap I tried. But the third time it worked/didn’t work, I finally got a notification that my battery was at 1%. Changed it again and everything works now. Gonna have to keep an eye on that … but just another thing to try for anyone working through setup!

(MacTechGenius) #47

My system just beeps but doesn’t open/close the door. Any solution to resolve this issue? My previous Evolve LFM-20 worked fine. Please see the thread.

( - Make your home your butler!) #48

Do you have multi meter? If so you can check the terminals to see they actually close when the system beeps.
Also what Garage door opener model are trying to control with this? Are you sure the wires are hooked up correctly?

(Dan Schlimme) #49

This worked perfectly. I worked on the same issue for about an hour and almost returned the product.

Thank you so much!

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(Jeremy Haggard) #50

Can you use this with a 12v electric door strike

(Michael Despault) #51

I’m also curious if pairing with the tilt sensor is required? I was hoping I could use this with a horizontal mechanical gate, where obviously a tilt sensor won’t work since it would never “tilt”. Even if I could just connect with the tilt-sensor via smartthings as well, and create a simple IFTTT script to fake a change in tilt after a period of time…

( - Make your home your butler!) #52

The tilt sensor is required to know the state (open/closed).

(Michael Despault) #53

And it sounds like being able to tell the open/closed state is a requirement for the unit to be able to issue the open/close commands?

( - Make your home your butler!) #54

It uses the door state to trigger to the momentary switch. So if the sensor is registering open and you send an open command over Z-Wave it won’t trigger the momentary switch.

(Chris S.) #55

Anybody find a replacement tilt sensor for the GD00Z-4?

I got one from a friend that had it setup at his old house and lost the tilt sensor during the move. His new house has GD openers that work with ST so he didn’t needed it any more. Didn’t cost me anything but time so I figured I would give it a try. Thought I could use a Samsung multi sensor since they work as garage door open/close sensors but no luck since after reading this long thread realized that the sensor needs to pair with the Gd00z-4 and not ST…

Anyway, just looking for suggestions for a replacement tilt sensor.


I had the same issue (status showing as “unknown”), these steps solved the problem for me as well.


This worked for me after days of of trying every thing else on this forum thanks!

(Bill Stefanelli) #58

Glad those steps still work and are helpful!