LInear Garage Door Tilt Sensor Missing Actions

I have had the Linear GDZ-004 installed since October 2015 (6 months). It has been working fine. I do not really use it for any automation, but as a way to check if we remembered to close our garage at night. I eventually set up an alert for when the garage is open longer than 20 minutes.

Starting about two weeks ago, the sensor has stopped picking up that the garage door has closed, usually only in the morning. Smartthings registers an open, but does not see it close.

I hope the sensor is not faulty. I have not replaced the batteries yet, I figured I would ask here if this is the behavior that other people get when the batteries are low. Also, there is no way to check on the battery percentage of the sensor?

Let me know if this is/isn’t what you experience.



I have the same device, and have had it for about 8 months. I can’t say from experience if that is the behavior when the batteries are low. However, I can say that I have not seen this behavior with mine. In fact, that device has been probably the most reliable device I have on the SmartThings platform.

I would suggest just trying to change the batteries. Its a cheap enough way to see what might be going on. I’d be curious to know your results so I can know what to expect down the line.