Linear Garage Door Opener Stopped Working

4yrs and 4 months and I’ve hit this same issue…guess I’ll be grabbing some resistors this weekend. That LED always annoyed me for some reason anyhow.

I’d be happy to send you my extra ones i didn’t use from when i repaired mine. I’ll send them for free.

here are ones i ordered.

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If you’ve got some to share, that would be awesome! PM me and I’ll get you the info.

I need 3 also lol

I finally got around to applying this fix to my GD-00Z-Whatever…

Thanks to the person who figured this out and thanks to @eric182 for sending me a few resistors.

Worked great, especially after I remember that the door position sensor points UP and not DOWN. (had to reinstall it since I put in a new garage door since the opening went offline–unrelated events)

Hopefully it’ll work for a while longer before needing to be replaced.

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Interestingly, my original LED would still flash at the appropriate time, but all the other symptoms were the same. So, I wasn’t sure if this would fix mine, but went ahead and tried. I replaced the LED with the exact LED recommended (XPEBTT-01-0000-00T80CT-ND) and it worked! After replacing, I realized the replacement LED was much brighter than the original, so the original must have partially failed. I bought an extra LED, just in case it happens again. If it happens a third time, going the resistor route.

Thank you @timnord for figuring this out!



I have the unit and after a power surge the System keeps beeping and unable to pair and stop beeping. Does this fix of the LED solve that problem?


Unlikely. Unable to pair, unfortunately means you likely have some other damage to ths unit.

The LED issue onlt affects the door open close… The ubit works normally otherwise. Well as normally as a garage door opener that doesn’t open…

I just had this happen after a power outage. In my case, the controller is on a surge protector, so I think mine was just affected by the outage alone.

See the link below, but here is what I did.

1 - Pulled the power and re-powered quickly to get the beeping to stop. In my case that took several tries.
2 - The controller did not connect to the hub, so I tried to remove it via the app.
3 - The app wouldn’t remove it so I tried to Force Remove it. ST would not Force Remove reporting that the device was “working properly”.
4 - The device still had not connected to the hub. However, when I checked a bit later, it was connected and working fine.
5 - I haven’t pulled the power to see what would happen during the next power failure.

I’m thinking after you get the beeping to stop just let it sit for a while to see if it reconnects.

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I got a used one that was broken. Found this thread!

I did the leave alone the led. I poked them through the holes on either side of the led. Some solder.

Works like a treat. As others have said (my led was working) if you can issue multiple opens from the Samsung app (it will start beeping), you have the problem. Once I fixed it, it would force a 60 second delay between tries.

Thanks everyone! I wanted to stay zwave as much as possible. I wanted the beeping and the time lag. Zwave openers are a rare bird now days. Just my two cents, I wonder how upset folks will be with Wi-Fi when the Chinese start shutting down random cloud services. This will happen some day.

Many thanks to this thread! I’ve soldered only a handful of times but there was nothing to lose since the device was already broken. These 3x 10ohm resistors did the trick for me.

I will note that I did inadvertently pull one of the pads clear off. So what I did was poke one of the resistor leads (leaving the other 2 slightly shorter) through the gold hole and filled with solder. Far from elegant but it works. See pic below:

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Has anyone looked at or completed a replacement of the antenna?

Does anyone have spare/extra LED bulbs (Part: XPEBTT-01-0000-00T80)? The appear to be out of stock everywhere in the US.

Easier to just do the resistor fix.

I did that, but new bulb is cleaner :slight_smile:

EDIT: Claimed!

@wolverinefog @clangsmith @The_Holocron @MartLato @codeoflife @eric182 @ijthoma @John_Damberger @booyah I have one of these that failed this way. I don’t know how to solder so I just ordered a dry contact relay to replace it. Since you were able to repair your GoControl I thought I’d offer it up–maybe you can use it, or fix and sell it. If you PM me your address I’ll mail it to you free of charge just to keep it out of the landfill!

Hi @LOLigarchy,
If you don’t mind sending, I’m happy to try fixing it, since I have a spare LED and could put it to good use (my second garage door does not have a controller on it). Thanks! I don’t mind paying shipping.

(sorry, meant to PM, but evidently did it wrong)

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