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Linear garage door opener gd00z-4 beeping

(Bindu) #1


I have had Linear Garage door opener GD00Z-4 from about 10-11 months. It worked perfect. But since yesterday its constantly beeping every second. Its just keeping on going beep… beep …beep… So i had to unplug doesnt show anything in app. In manual i couldn’t find anything related to it. Anyone has idea why its behaving like that all of sudden?


I would contact their support, that should get you the fastest answer:

( - Make your home your butler!) #3

Try to un pair and then re pair the device, it could be having a communication issue with the hub.


2 of mine are doing the exact same thing. Did you ever figure out the problem?

(Viren Patel) #5

I just experienced a power loss and now my gocontrol garage opener is doing the same thing. Any update on what support recommended? Thank You

(Robert Wertheimer) #6

When you loose power, that is common. Usually, if you have everything else on your zwave network working, just unplugging and then plugging it back in again will do the trick. If that doesn’t do it, repairing it will.

( - Make your home your butler!) #7

Try to open/close the device using the wall button. It’s usually a good idea to use this garage controller with a UPS as it’s very sensitive to power fluctuations.

(Christopher Mullins) #8


Customer in Atlanta, GA has 2gig And with (2) GD00Z garage door controllers. These controllers are both flashing and beeping constantly even after power cycle, even after holding the button down, even after pressing the button five times in a row like the manual states… even after entering “device reset/remove zwave device” on go control panel and pressing or holding button on the gd00z.


With the gd00z powered down, Go into “device reset/remove zwave device” on your go to control panel and then power up the device that is constantly flashing and beeping. It should power up with one single beep and now be ready to program. Now hit the button on the side of the device to remove it from your 2gig zwave panel. At this point you should be able to add the device into your Z wave panel like you would have done during the original set up.

(Viren Patel) #9

Thank You Chris. I had the controller unplug since the beeping wouldn’t stop. Your solution fix the issue.