Limit on zigbee devices on Samsung's V3 Hub

I’m facing several problems with lights becoming offline, that was discussed here (Smartthings devices getting offline - #14 by john_shaw).

I’m still having the same problem, although I was wondering if there is a zigbee device limit at Samsung’s V3 hub?

Zigbee limits are based on the amount of memory, but you shouldn’t run into them before you hit the general smartthings limit of 200 devices per location. And that includes all type of devices, Zigbee, zwave, LAN, cloud to cloud, and virtual.

200 Device Limitation? Really? Any alternatives?

There’s a separate limit on the number of Zigbee children that a hub can have connected to it directly without going through another Zigbee repeater. That’s 64 on most hub models.

FAQ: 32 Zigbee direct connection device limit?

But to be honest, the offline problem is one that affects many people with many different types of devices and just seems to be a legacy of the groovy cloud platform. Hopefully the new edge architecture will work better in this regard.

With regard to your questions about modifying the device type handler to shorten the check in time, if you are using custom code, you need to find the discussion thread for that specific DTH and ask there.

Thanks JDRoberts. But I think that I have more than 64 devices, I will have to count them. If that’s the case, what would be my options?

About Edge X Groovy? Wasn’t that expected to be launched at the end of October, we are already in November, and no clear sign when it’s gonna reach the sunlight. Is there any date?

Problem is, they got offline and never came back. Any proper way of debugging it?

sure that I have more than 64 devices

The 64 limit is only for Zigbee devices that are currently connected in one hop to the hub. If your Devices route through other Zigbee devices on the way to the hub, then there’s no fixed limit for Zigbee devices.

The option is just to add more zigbee repeaters if you need them. That includes most mains power devices except for the sengled brand.

Zemismart battery operated devices will not act as repeaters, but their mains powered ones usually will. And so will the lightbulbs as long as they have power, although they aren’t always really efficient repeaters.

There is no Edge X groovy that I know of. Edge is based on a different programming language, Lua, and it was released in beta about a month ago. A number of community members have been writing edge drivers (the new platform’s replacement for DTHs) and you can try one of those if you like.

And you can find links to the edge drivers that have already been written by community members in the community – created wiki,

I’m using the basic “zigbbe light” DH provided, as recommended by the manufacturer.

I’m using Zemismart and Gledopto lights, and they all have the same problem with Samsung hub V3. They just became offline, then I have to go to the breaker box and reset all the lights.

Do you have any mains powered Zigbee devices other than the bulbs themselves? Bulbs aren’t always good repeaters, which can result in messages getting lost.

Mostly, bulbs, led strips and wall switchs. What would you recommend?

Are the switches mains powered? What’s the model number?

@gutomaia Try this Edge drivers

If your device is not on the list, just get fingerprint from IDE, and ask in that tread, to be added to the driver. I have couple different Gledopto lights that work fine with that driver.

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Yep, main switches are powered, and lights are always powered. Switch control lights using Smartthing’s events and not directly powered connected turn lights on and off.

I will pick up the exact model and update this message. They are all 3 gang square switches from Zemismart. I bought them in two different periods, they are supposed to be the same but they are not.

The second batch, lights were brighter and they do save the state of the buttons upon restart on the breaker box.

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Thanks! How do I enlist in edge’s beta test?

If it does not work. Can I go back to the previous smartthings groovy version?
Are Samsung ar-conditionners, TVs and washers supported?

There’s a link in that thread you can follow to install the edge drivers. You can go back to Groovy by deleting the devices, deleting the edge driver, resetting the device and re-adding it. Samsung TVs and appliance connect direct to the smartthings cloud, so they don’t run on Edge.

Do you leave your bulbs powered on 100% of the time? I.e. never turn them off from the wall switch? Also, is your hub at least 5 feet away from any Wi-Fi access points?

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Thanks. I will check this to use edge drivers.

Yes, my bulbs are powered 100% of the time!
They do never turn-off when I swich the wall swich. I had to create an automation for each button press.

My hub is connected to the wifi thru a lan cable. Not using wi-fi of the hub.

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Doesn’t matter how the hub is connected to your network. The concern is the zigbee radio getting drowned out by a wifi access point that is too close since they are both 2.4 ghz.