Limit on number of local devices?

Is there a limit on the number of devices that can be local to a hub?

Or is there a hard limit of 32 devices that can be displayed on the LocalDeviceList web page?

When I run the list for my hub it lists 32 devices (I have 52 devices on the hub) and I don’t see the rhyme or reason to why some are on the list and others are not (I checked the device handlers).

I have read the Support article (at: ).

Also, when I bring it up the LocalDeviceList page, it shows (at the bottom) that there are 4 pages but they all 4 contain the same 32 devices . . . This seems a bit odd.


It’s not limited to 32 devices. I have 123 devices for local and all the devices display on all 14 pages.

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