Limit Motion Sensor Alerts to When I am Out of the House?

Ok, i managed to add the body sensor to the application from mobile, but it continuously sends me notifications when i move around the house. how can i make it activate only when i leave the house? if i enter the favourites in dashboard i cannot deactivate the MOTION blue screen. is something wrong with it?

i also want to use it to activate the outlet when is senses body movement. how can i do that? thank you.

Take a look of the Core Smart Ap (tons of links explaining in the forum).
A bit tricky to setup but gives you all the flexibility.

Also you shoud setup any smart app to run only when certain modes (e.g. Home)

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thank you for the answer, can you point me to the Core smart app with a link? i am unable to find the subforum…

Not trying to butt into your conversation but I would suggest your use webCoRE.
It’s the next iteration or CoRE and a lot more powerful.