Lime smart lock

Hi i backed this smart lock, and looks better than my august and IFFFT integration which is a plus, basically do all what august do and more (and cheaper atm)

what do you think?

Came across Altro Smart lock it is claimed to be unpickable and tamper proof…i looked the features that it is designed to be fail tolerant…they are really offering some cool features

I just backed LIME, but it doesn’t look like it is going to happen. I like that it has both Bluetooth and PIN. I don’t want to make somebody have to download an app in order to give them access, but I like the Bluetooth convenience for myself. It would be cool if I can make it work with my RFID from work. I like that it is supposed to have IFTTT integration, but it makes it seem like it can’t be too cyber-secure if can be locked/unlocked via IFTTT. IFTTT can make it work with just about any significant DIY HA platform out there.

Everything looks great in its Kickstarter offering. Until you can order it for two day delivery from Amazon, it’s all just marketing. No way to know what features will actually be delivered. :wink:

The one thing I would say is allowing only one month between the test run and the production run seems overly optimistic for a device of this complexity. So I wouldn’t expect that this would be delivered on time even if they meet their funding goal. But that’s not uncommon with kickstarter projects.

I totally agree on the timeline. Although they say tooling has already begun, there’s no way that they run a test batch and build new molds that fix whatever problems they find, in that amount of time. Certifications by themselves take several weeks, if they are lucky. I don’t expect less than double the projected timelines for Kickstarter projects.

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