Lightwave RF Integration (UK)

Hi @Chris_Lambourne
Not sure if you are still helping people with support on this but I have a couple of questions for you.
Somebody on Hubitat is trying to get this working using the cloud integration.
So if you don’t mind a couple of questions for you.
They have gen 1 devices and have a 4 digit pin.

Do you know if it is still possible to control LWRF using cloud integration?
Do you have the device handlers for dimmers and outlets using this method?
Anything else needed to get cloud integration working?

If you are no longer supporting this then no worries but just thought I would be cheeky and ask.

@bobbles - sorry, I ditched my LWRF / ST integration last year. I had a choice to either upgrade to Gen 2, or move everything to Z-wave. I opted for the latter and have not regretted it.

I don’t use Hubitat so not sure how it works, and not sure what you are referring to when you say ‘cloud integration’. This integration (above) is all local; ST > Pi > LWRF.

I am guessing you are looking to control LWRF Gen 1 switches from Hubitat. I do that, except I use Domoticz. I am unsure how the two compare. I do not use this integration (above) anymore. I have this connected to my server where Domoticz is installed, and it detects and controls all LWRF devices automatically. It may (or may not) be useful.

If you are trying to implement this integration remotely (cloud based), latency will no doubt increase - which was the main selling point for this integration. I.e. virtually ‘zero lag’.

All the best.

Hi Chris, I’m in the position of making a similar choice - can I ask what Z-Wave kit you chose for your light switches - did you find some Z-Wave switches that suited or go for modules wired in behind them with conventional switches?


@andynash - Hi Andy, I opted for Fibaro Switch and Dimmer modules from Vesternet. It took some effort, as I had to fit deeper pattress boxes. But once done, the result is night and day. It also meant I could then choose any light fittings. I opted for the Schneider Ultimate range, not cheap, but look the biz (and Wife-friendly).

Much appreciated @Chris_Lambourne, will also look at the Aeotec Nano switches/dimmers I think. I’m also tight on depth so may need someone out to deepen the pattresses, though the Nanos are a touch more compact.

The Ultimates look great, though I may stick with Knightsbridge Screwless as we have those elsewhere where we don’t have Lightwave, and they are a good match.

@andynash - I looked at Aeotec too, as I use their Multisensor 6 and Door sensors. Their customer service is excellent, especially Chris Cheng… he helped me a lot when switching to Z-wave. I don’t recall there being much difference in the sizes between Aeotec and Fibaro. But the latter having better reviews. If your walls are plasterboard, switching the boxes is easy to do yourself.

Still getting the same here, too. Did anyone get a resolve for it? LW not interested in helping.

That’s a response to a year old issue that’s not been reported again since. Have you experienced the issue the entire time or just started?

I haven’t had this issue for a while, looks like LWRF sorted the offline issue to me.

Hi, I only set up the Smartthings integration about 3 weeks ago. The issue has been there since then.

LWRF support just pushed the question back to Samsung.