Lightwave & Resideo (ex Honeywell) Announce Partnership (UK)

So last year, Honeywell did spin off their home division, in charge of Evohome and other home appliances.
And today, Resideo & Lightwave announce a partnership. Prelude to an acquisition?
Would be interesting to see what would come out of that…

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Very interesting!

The smart home solutions provider said the partnership will be for an initial term of 18 months and will allow the Lightwave Link Plus control hub to host the Honeywell Home by Resideo control protocols.

Lightwave RF is going to act as the Gateway: I wonder if that means any of the Resideo products will also work with HomeKit or IFTTT. Although that might be a “phase 2” step.

If you have both Evohome and LightwaveRf Gen2 (which I do), then Evohome is HomeKit compliant. I would like that indeed :slight_smile:

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