Lights switching on own

So I was at my friends home the other night and My friends lights (in her bedroom) kept switching on and of (as if someone else had control). I personally think that the system somehow may be hacked.

I know you can look at logs in SmartThings under the device itself which does say that a device changed the state of the light ON/OFF.

My question is, is there a way of seeing a more detailed view of what device changed the state? Exsample: mobile phone/name of device/imei/ location/account that accessed etc etc

This is really Important for me to find this information out as if there is a security breach I need to understand how it happened and how I can patch it…

Thank you all

she needs to change her password and not share it with anyone or any other application. one of her other boyfriends (exes) could be messing with her.

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And the technical answer - not at this time.

But I agree with @Awestun. If you’re the least bit unsure, change her password and turn on multi factor auth for her Samsung account.