Lights stay ON - no motion inactive event received

I have been using motion sensors to trigger switches/dimmers for a year with no problems. Lately, sometimes lights do not turn off so I checked the log file in my pistons and noticed that the log does not show the motion inactive command received so the light stays on. Eventually, if the motion sensor is triggered again the piston will execute the ON/OFF cycle correctly. This is happening randomly.
I also have switches/dimmers that will turn the lights OFF after a programmed period of time (set in the piston) if physically pressed. Never had a problem, but now sometimes lights don’t turn OFF. Piston log doesn’t show “Received event [xx].switch = on” and the light stays on.

Any ideas?

No useful help but the same thing is happening to me. It started after the last hub update.

same here, I only noticed this happening in the last 3 weeks. Previous 3 years I don’t recall this happening at all.

I’ve been seeing similar issues. Also Smarthings log will show it sent off command to a device and the device reports back it is off but the device or bulb is not actually off.