Lights not turning on, Good Morning not tripping when things start happening

What’s going on, things are just not working. my outdoor lights are not going on at sunset, my Good Morning is not being tripped in the morning by my motion sensors.

It’s not my internet connection…

Same here. Opened up the basement door this morning and most of the lights in my house turned on. Luckily, no siren, or the boss would not of been happy. Arm (stay) should of changed to Disarm with my motion sensors. I thought this problem got fixed.

also Good Night trips when lights are still on and motion is active.

the hub software needs to be rewritten so everything is local, period… If it requires more computing power then so be it, release a new hub then.


I’m having problems with good morning as well. It works, or so it says it does, but one of the things it is suppose to do is change shm to disarm which it claims it does, and yet if I open an outside door I get an intrusion detection.

I’m going to have to disable it again, and then figure out why I’ve lost control of some of my link bulbs. I keep hoping this thing will become stable but it seems that every step forward is closely followed by a step or two back. It’s getting old.

Same here. Hue bulbs are now unresponsive but still work with the actual hue app, some link bulbs work while others don’t, and my Sonos speakers don’t update and can’t be controlled. If I hadn’t already invested so much money in things I would just throw in the towel. Super frustrating for something that should just work.