Lights connected through Sengled hub - local or cloud exection?

I have a bunch of Sengled bulbs connected directly to SmartThings, thinking about picking up a Sengled hub so I don’t bump into the 32 device limit and I have an extra measure of control over the lights when SmartThings is experiencing issues.

Right now all the directly connected lights are controlled via local execution. If I move them all over to a Sengled hub will that also bump them from local to cloud execution?

There is no integration using the sengled Hub. You have to connect them directly to the Smartthings Hub.

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That said, if you’re just looking to avoid the 32 device limit try a Zigbee device that acts as a repeater… You can’t just drop in any old zigbee bulb unfortunately, as many just don’t repeat. (including the Sengleds) But, there’s lots of devices that do work mentioned in various threads. I chose the Lowes Iris 3210-L pocket switch to extend my zigbee mesh into a far corner of my house to boost signal to three misbehaving Osram bulbs… Worked great. No reconfiguration necessary.


Oh…right, then…guess that settles that. :neutral_face:

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