Lights bulbs, color and themes!

So I am a sucker for HA now, and there are so many options and projects out there that my mins is going crazy. This thread is more gear toward color lights and scenes/theme.

I currently have 6 bulbs at home (I only started less than 1 month ago). 2 Hues white, 1 Cree, and 3 GE Link. While at first I thought that I was not going to need/use color bulbs, I now realize that I love the concept of having multiple color option for themes, parties and such. Can you share some of your color usage/experience and will you prefer Hue or a different brand? I am very happy with my current 2 white bulbs, but I am thinking I may return my starter kit and get the 3 color bulb starter kit instead. Will that be too difficult to disconnect the bulbs/bridge from my current ST hub? What do you guys think?

Also, the 2 hue bulbs I currently have are in fan/light fixture that has a light yellow cover, will that make a difference if I get color bulbs?


I returned my Hue white bulbs starter kit yesterday, and got the 3 color bulbs kit instead. Oh man, they are addicting. I want to buy more!

Here, let me help you. Go on, click that button… Go on… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I need 3 BR30s