Lights blink and then return to normal upon arming SHM

It’s a bit difficult to search for anything related to this as I keep getting results on Blink cameras… haha

Anyway, I want to perform something that should be relatively simple, but there are a few things that make it more difficult.

I want my colored lights (LIFX) to flash/blink off and on in a specific color for a few seconds whenever my Smart Home Monitor is armed. But after flashing they must return to their previous state. If they were off then they should turn back off. If they were on they should stay on, but return to whatever color settings they already had.

Additionally, I don’t want the bedroom light to flash if it is off (I don’t want it to wake me up if I’ve already gone to bed before the system has armed.

Basically, I just want a visual cue for both my wife and me to know if the system has auto-armed based on other rules. My assumption is that the only way to do this would be with CoRe. I prefer not to use CoRe unless it’s the only way, as it is a bit complex. If there are other ways, or if somebody can help me outline the basics in CoRe, that would be wonderful.

Have done something like this in core. Know you want to solve it without core. But… smartthings is not the best platform for multiple short commands in a row. So blinking lights seems easy but the result was not great in my humble… :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply! I’m not necessarily trying to avoid CoRe. I love CoRe. It’s just too complex for some simple cases, but I guess that’s the route I’ll go.

I use this one.
Might drop the light flash due to my experience with the fast comands in a row for lights. (Flash)