Lights auto on, when returning and ambient light is low

I have 3 Hue bulbs and wanted a way that when I return to the home and the ambient light is low enough that I need the lights on, that they would turn on either when I opened a door or motion was detected (needs to react quickly)

Would a Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave Multi-Sensor be the best detector to use, as it could detect motion and measure the ambient light and if both are sufficient, it would then tell the Hue’s to come on ?

or would a door sensor, combined with this be a better idea ?

or something else.

Is their an existing action I could use to accomplish the above ?

I tried to use Hello Home to turn a light on if we were away and it’s past sunset but it didn’t seem to work… You should be able to do that with sunset and only when mode is away under settings.

There’s another app called Smart Nightlight that has some of what you want. Just not the on and waiting part. It tuns on a light with motion if it’s dark enough to warrant a light.

Thanks, I will check that out.

There are a few apps that do this. I use Lighting Director New App: Lighting Director - it should do what you want. You’ll want a motion sensor, and a Lux sensor, and a door sensor to cover all three things that you care about. The motion sensor + a weather station tile can work in a pinch, since you can get lux from the weather station tile - but a real lux sensor would be better.

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I like this one too… but i might be biased…

Perhaps I’ll try it too.