Lights and window blinders on the same app

I an working electrical wiring in apartment. I have brought lights (7 of them) wires from the kitchen, dining room and living room to the fuse box. Do the same for theirs switchs. Instaled electrical window blinds (5 of them) in the dining and living room, and brought their wires and switch wires to the same fuse box.
So I need module that will be working on 230V and be able to connect on internet via wifi, control lights via regular switch or push button, blinders via regular up and down switch and be able to do all that through one smartphone app. Found out about Shelly but it don’t have support for blinders.
Shelly 4Pro would be ideal for light because it have support for using push buttons.
Is there any other device to do that?

You mean like Smartthings?

Yeah app like Smart things, but I need device that could be placed in fuse box and use one device to control 5 different blinders (not at once) instead of 5 device for 5 blinders.

Just a heads up, this forum is for SmartThings home automation and things that integrate with SmartThings. If your looking for something outside of that you’re asking the wrong forum.

I am looking for things that integrate with SmartThings and want to know is there such a device that will fit my needs.
Shelly was just exsample.