Lights and Switches shortcut problem (2015)

Under the above I have a shortcut for a lamp in my Family room. It defines the following.

  • Turn on when there is motion, turn off after 15 minutes, only during a certain time of 6AM - 4:44 PM EDT
  • Turn on using Schedule, Turn on at 5 PM

The motion rule works fine however the schedule fails each day to turn on light at 5PM unless I remove the motion rule. First I suspected the motion rule over-ruled the schedule ON rule possibly because it was delayed in shutting off the lamp. Modifying the motion rule (i.e. certain time 6AM - 4PM) did not seem to make any difference.

Is this a bug or have I got something amiss here?

I’ll try to reproduce.

Have you observed “Live Logging”? There are a lot of debug and trace in the Shortcut Solution SmartApps…

Can you show us screenshots of the shortcuts setup screens?

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Go figure…At exactly 5PM the light came on. This is a rare occasion and no guarantee it wont shutoff within the next 10-15 minutes. Thanks for the “Live Logging” tip. Going to have to do more debugging on this one. Why and when it fails sometimes but not always is a mystery. I know that by separating each rule (motion and schedule) into its own shortcut did not solve the problem

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SOLVED!!! :sunglasses:

My original rules were as shown below

In the “Turn On When Motion” I selected the Turn Off after x minutes option. I suspect this (sometimes) triggered after the “Turn On Using schedule” start time. I disabled that option and added the rule “Turn Off When no Motion” (after 15 minutes) As shown below

The “Off when no Motion” rule is set to never trigger after 4:45PM while the “On with Motion” schedule is 6Am - 4:59PM. At 5PM the “Turn On using Schedule” kicks in and voila… :smiley: