Lights and Hues with SharpTools for Android

Just got your awesome app! My main concern is in creating scenes where multiple lights turn on/off dimmer and color (hue light) - so that I can have different widgets on the screen and tap different “modes”. Suggestions?..especially for the color of the hue, I would like to control them separately.
Maybe sounds like silly questions but I am new in this world!

@TheDavid you can control a set of things with modes or phrases, but they each have their own implications. Modes are more like the state your home is in - which can then act as a flag to trigger actions in the home or to flag that an action should not occur. Phrases tell your home to do things like control your things or even change modes.

When I leave for vacation, I’ll typically set my home into a Vacation mode and a number of different actions automatically take place - some things happen immediately and others happen over time while I’m gone to simulate a person being home.

When I go to bed, I run the “Good Night!” phrase which puts my home in Night mode, but I also have it directly turn off all the lights in the house except my bedroom.

I should note that there are also Shortcut Groups which are often used alongside modes for controlling a group of lights (eg. on a schedule, motion change, presence change, etc) and there are also SmartApps that can usually do more advanced actions.

Bottom Line:
If you just want to control dimmable lights with on/off and level, then using Phrases is probably the most direct.

I don’t personally have any Hues, but from what I can tell it looks like Phrases and Shortcut Groups can not directly control the color of the Hues, but you can use the “hue Mood Lighting” SmartApp to control the Hues and then trigger this based on a mode change or other changes in your home (including virtual devices).